Social Health Atlas, Australia (2nd edition) - Volumes 1-9

Region: All States/ Territories, Australia
Small area level: Statistical Local Area

Summary: Demographic and socioeconomic status indicators; Income support payments; Health status; Utilisation of health services; Availability of selected health services; Cluster analysis

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Data contents

Demography and socioeconomic status

Age distribution


Labour force

Educational participation and achievement

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

People born in predominantly non-English speaking countries


SEIFA Index of Relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage

Income support payments

Health status

Synthetic predictions of selected health status measures

People reporting their health as fair or poor

Physical Component Score, SF36

Handicap status

Deaths by sex and cause

Years of potential life lost

Total Fertility Rate

Utilisation of health services

Hospital admissions

General medical practitioner (GP services)

Immunisation status of one year old children

Availability of selected health services

Population per GP

Hospital beds

Residential care places